Chicken sliced while raw: thrown in pan with garlic/onion pwder +cumin

Cauli rice +salt +cilantro

Meal prepped protein + veggies for mix and matching. Dressing application can change at time of meal.

Cauli purple rice (raw): decrease tomatoes and cucumber to decrease carb count.

-Dressing: olive oil+lemon+salt and pepper

Can always ditch the avo and use sour cream (season sour cream with cumin and salt)

Hamburger cooked on a George Foreman to it looks a little funny. put some Worchester sauce to pep up.

Tilapia with sour cream, flavored with some avocado and salt, over shredded cabbage.

My fav slice raw chicken thin for quicker cooking, cook in a pan with garlic and onion powder, salt. SPray olive oil

serve with lettuce and ranch or blue cheese dressing, if also calorie counting use OPA brand.

Corned beef over steamed shredded cabbage

Ground turkey cook in pain with garlic and onion powder, oregano ~1tsp. Once cook 1-2 tsp tomato paste, 1/4 of a low carb tomato sauce (jarred)

Keto crab patty with any side veggie or salad.