For the most part, it seems motivation gets the best of us. We get tired of always battling hunger, battling trying to understand what foods are "good" and what foods are "evil," battling the fear of failure, or fear of missing out. The thing is, there are no "evil" foods, it's more about learning how food interacts to either decrease or increase hunger AND learning/discovering how your daily life, daily behaviors might be secretly sabotaging you. It's about finding a way to actually be happy on this journey.

What is the program exactly?
When is the next available appointment?
Do you give me a meal plan?
What type of weight loss method can you work with?
Why does the Jump Start cost so much?
What will I learn?
What happens if I do not complete my assignments?
How long would I expect to work with Dr. Hendrix?

What are the assignments?


Assignments with points, which add up to earn money back:
Scale Pictures: due day 1, 7, 14
Body Picture: due day 1
Intake/Food pictures: 2 due daily
Food Journal Picture: Due daily
Activity of daily change: due days 3, 6, 9, 12

Assignments without points:
Personalized calorie or carb count restriction
No alcohol
No added sugar
No sugary desserts
No red meat (red meat can be added back during the 28-day phase)

When is the next available appointment?

We analogize but there is usually is about a 30-60 day wait. Please feel free to contact us and or sign-up for the no obligation wait list:


What is the program exactly?

This program is divided into phases

2 Week Jump Start

The "Jump Start" is an intensive daily interactive program. Doctor Hendrix will give you an easy to prepare "clean eating" menu to utilize and stick to.

Every day you will have to send Dr. Hendrix pictures of everything you are eating.

Every day you will be required to do one "activity of change." Options include reading (or listening on tape) books from her book list, or podcasts from her list. Please note: the price of books are not included in the cost of the program.

At the first visit, you will have a screening EKG along with a battery of labs to help learn more about your metabolic state. This will allow us to better tailor your eating choices. Sorry no genetic testing, that a bit overrated.

The 28 Day Program

Twice a day food photos, and daily "activities of change" check-ins are still required. Open communication during texting hours continues. (Weekends are included)

During your first 28 day cycle, Dr. Hendrix will give you another menu to utilize for the first 14 days. After which, she will give you a modified menu and a list of ingredients you can use. This helps you start to learn how to plan for yourself. As developing you "life skills" is very important.

During future 28 days Programs:

Food photos, and daily "activities of change" check-ins are still required. Open communication during texting hours continues.

Stepping Back

3 days a week "activities of change" required.

7 food photos required.

Do you give me a meal plan?

Yes. Depending on your medical history the menu's may vary. And depending on where you are in the program the menu's may be less complete. Dr. Hendrix thinks it is VERY important for you to start learning as fast as possible how to meal plan for yourself, how to start fitting together living your unique life with a weight loss regimen. To ultimately meld living a healthy lifestyle with your current life.

Why does the Jump Start cost so much?

The cost of the program is set for two main reasons

A. Honestly, yes, it does go towards Dr. Hendrix's daily time she spends working with you.

  • Normally an ordinary physician office visit would cost about $100(you pay your copay, and the insurance pays the difference to the doctor) for a 20-minute appointment. If you were to see your normal family medicine doctor daily for 14 days you would be charged $1,400.
  • Most fitness trainers in the San Antonio area charge about $75 per hour for one-on-one coaching. If you were to pay them for 14 days of daily coaching you would pay $1,050.
  • Dr. Hendrix is charging $595 for this 14 day period.

B. The second reason being the first, especially 5-7 days, of any new diet is HARD!! Food temptations are everywhere, and it is during this time frame that cases of the "hangeries" are the worst! Having your hard earned money on the line to be lost if you do not comply with the program is a huge motivator to finally stick with any program.

What Type Of Weight Loss Methods Can You Help Me With?

Just about all!!!
-Nutritional Ketosis (aka Low Carb High Fat, aka LCHF)
-Low Fat (your traditional 1200 Calorie Diet)
-Intermittent Fasting
-Alternate Day Fasting
-Weight Watchers
-Jenny Craig
-Ideal Protein
-If not here, just ask.

What will I learn?

You will learn why you are always hungry. We will dive into why you overeat and develop new coping mechanisms to help you get through that and even over it.

We will learn more about you as a person. Have you been using food to treat a mild level of depression for example?

You will understand why people yo-yo, why and how your body is working against you. Thus allowing us to have real lifestyle changes!!


Dr. Hendrix does utilize FDA approved medications for weight loss if needed.

Please know this is not a "just come in get a prescription and leave" program. Prescriptions are only a tool to help, they alone will NOT get you to your goal. Successful weight loss is MUCH MUCH more than "here is your pill, now go eat less and move more."

What Happens If I Do Not Complete 70% Or More Of My Assignments?

You are out. In order to stay in the program, you have to do everything!

Assignments include but are not limited to: food pictures, body updates, scale updates, daily change activities. During the 2 week Jump Start many of these are "due" daily if not multiple times a day.

So, for example: If you do not send photos or follow-up as planned you will be out of the program, and NO refunds will be given.

This is serious!

So if you enter this program, know you are committing to this. You are either in or you are out, no playing around. This is your hard earned money, I do not want you to waste it. As such I find this "tough love" approach helps make people more successful.

The only exception is if you become medically ill and thus cannot participate, and I doctor's note from that treating physician will be needed before a prorated refund will be given.

Injury: injury will very rarely cause exception, as Dr. Hendrix will likely be able to modify the program for you.

How Long Would I Expect To Work With Dr. Hendrix?

That is a hard question, it depends on your life, how much stress you have in your life, and how much weight you have to lose.

Some people only need the Jump Start, but for the most part most you might expect to take part in 1 or 2 "28 Day Program" cycles.

As far as the Stepping Back Program we have had people stay for a good year, to only one month. Again it really just depends on the individual.