Dr. Jennifer Hendrix

A native of Austin, Texas, Dr. Jennifer Hendrix is a graduate of Texas A&M University from which she obtained a Bachelors in Genetics. She attended medical school at the University of North Texas Health Science Center - Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine. Upon graduation from medical school, she completed her Family Medicine residency at the University of Illinois College of Medicine.

After Residency, she became Board Certified by the American Board of Family Medicine (2010). After a few years of practicing Family Medicine and battling her own weight, Dr. Hendrix began researching and learning about everything weight loss. It quickly became apparent to her she could help more people through treating obesity than she could ever do by just prescribing high blood pressure and diabetes medications. Why not actually treat the cause of these diseases, not just cover them up with medications? Since then Dr. Hendrix has pursued a passion to help others lose weight.

In July of 2016 she started a private online support group for Physician Women only. Through her efforts supporting this group of now over 12 thousand women, plus working in her own clinic she is very proud to better understand obesity on another level.

From July of 2016 to July of 2019 Dr. Hendrix has helped people lose over 12,000 pounds! Such success has only further fueled her passion for developing a strong weight loss and lifestyle program. She does not just hand out information on low fat diets and advise people to exercise more. This simply does not suffice.  She focuses on the individual's metabolic state to develop a plan that will work for each person’s environment to ultimately create a healthy lifestyle and improve health through weight loss.

Her Personal Weight Loss Story

As Dr. Hendrix herself was over 250lbs she knows the hardships and struggles behind weight loss and then maintaining that loss. She knows the weight loss journey is long and will have ups and downs. Plus, through research, attendance of obesity focused conferences, and networking with experienced obesity medicine specialists, Dr. Hendrix discovered there are effective solutions for medical weight loss. She understands how numerous factors interplay and can lead to the accumulation of fat. The dysfunction fat tissue causes can, in turn, lead to a number of diseases, interfere with the quality of life, and even shorten one’s life expectancy. Lasting she knows it is NOT about "willpower," weight loss is much more complicated. Her Family Medicine and Obesity Medicine specialty training have equipped her with the knowledge, skills, and expertise to address obesity and help her patients lead healthier lives.

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